5D Movies now Showing in Zimbabwe

Every person is becoming a technology extension as the digital industrial continues to grow. Future Generations, a movie house in Harare, Zimbabwe has  redefined visual entertainment from the now monotonous 3D technology and spiced the ingredient with an extra dimension or two to lure cinema fanatics back to the theatre sit.


As interest in 3D film experience is notably declining, we look at the next step in cinema entertainment.

“The 5D movies are projected in a 5D environment, which is made up of two parts, one is the 3D traditional projection system, this part contains 3D movie, 3D glasses, projection screen, audio system, and projector.

By Shyline Guvakuva and Stephen Denga

The other part is the simulate system, this is the most important thing ,it contains dynamic simulate platform, scenes simulate system and the control system ,”said  Victoria Chipunza an official.

In an interview with some of the 5D officials, they expressed how 5D cinema has lured them back to enjoying cinema .

“When you are in the cinema not only can you see the 3D picture but you can also feel the movement according to  the movie, for example, when there is a rainy scene in the movie, at the same time you can also feel the reality experience  and its really fun ’,said  Chipunza


Marlon Mapunga,another official,also highlighted on the nature, the duration of the movies and the capacity of the cinema.

“The  movies we show range from five to  eighteen minutes, the movies are focused on  effects rather than themes and the cinema can only accommodate nine movies have specific effects they are full length movie that have been compressed to 5D,”said  Mapunga.

Realistic simulation improves and new physical experience, including g-force, will be simulated in the future. Super high resolution projections and new visualising technologies such as holography blur the boundary between reality and fantasy.

Digging deeper into the physics of this visual and motion technology ,it is comprised of dynamic simulator platform which  uses the hydraulic  technology, with 6 oil cylinders to give motions, each cylinder has two motions with up and down., so it has 6DOFs (degree of freedom), it can simulate the motion  in a more realistic nature.

The motor induction and the oil pump provide the power to the cylinder. All of the scenes are simulated by special machines. Such as rain machine, snow machine, bubble machine, lighting machine, wind machine, air compressor .

The control system is the most important part, just like the brain of us. It works for controlling the simulated motion and effects, it makes of three parts, thus the computer system, effective control box and motion control box. The computer system contains 5D project software, movies, motion document.

Effective control box is used to control each effect machine, when it gets the message from the computer then control the effect machine works, there is also the motion control box  which is used for controlling the motion of the dynamic platform, when it gets the message from the computer then control the hydraulic system will make a different motion

As for the future of these formats in Zimbabwe, physical effect enhanced films are believed to be immune to any downturn in mainstream cinema,  5D cinemas will  continue to evolve as 3D films continue to decline.


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