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It’s high time we face it now, if today your company does not have a twitter account or a facebook fan page, it is a dinosaur watching competition leap into the future of business. Social Media Marketing has become the big thing in town, a force to reckon and it needs to be taken advantage of whilst it still is in the spotlight.


With boundless exciting opportunities opening in

interesting digital marketing avenues

 (twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc) to make the sale, your business could be missing out right now if not already active.


By: Gody Jokonya


If not yet convinced here is 9 reasons why you should make social media marketing a priority.


  1. Increased brand recognition. Social media networks present new channels for your brand’s voice and content with every opportunity to increase your visibility being valuable. This makes you easily accessible to new and existing customers through newsfeeds and presence on multiple networks.


  1. More Opportunities to convert. Every post, image, video or comment will not only reach your followers but their followers and the circles keep growing increasing the likelihood of an eventual conversion. It’s called positive interaction.


  1. Increased brand loyalty. People like doing business with other people as opposed to companies and social media offers brands a chance to act like people do. Social media tends to improve followers’ trust and credibility in your brand.


  1. Higher conversion rate. Regular interaction with customers is perceived by other customers as a sign of good faith. When people compliment or brag about a product or service new audiences will want to follow up on your updates. The more people talking about your brand the more interested new users want to try it out.


  1. Higher brand Authority. As your brand gets more traffic the more valuable and authoritive it seems, especially when you interact with major influencers and trendsetters.


  1. Consumers do not hesitate to rant complaints of products or services to anyone who listens, more so on the internet. The same consumers also appreciate company which responds to complaints promptly, so if there is a problem you not only want to know immediately, but apologise publicly and make it right.


  1. Better reception. People view twitter and facebook as social networks not marketing tools and are less likely to view your post as an advert but more likely to listen to what you have to say.


  1. Decreased marketing costs. Running your own social media management is the cheapest campaign compared to other marketing channels but if your writing skills are not proficient or you do not like interacting with people online then hiring someone is the way to go. Hiring a social media management or online PR agency costs averagely$$$$, but it is an investment worth every dollar.


  1. Your competition is already Tweeting. Most likely your competition is tweeting and facebooking like crazy already and they are feeding off your potential social media traffic and conversions. Don’t let them bag all the benefits. If they are not, then the early bird gets the worm.


At the end of the day you do not need millions to strive on social networking as the people who go viral use clever, attention grabbing tactics and most useful, link worthy content. Outwitting, outnetworking and outwriting your competition whilst offering superior products and services is the order of the millennium business.


If you have questions on getting started, follow this link Social Media Marketing, to get details on how to develop your social media strategy. The longer you wait the more you have to lose.


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