Econet ConnectedCar Rides Into The jungle?

Late last year we witnessed the launch of a quite interesting service from one of the telecom giant, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, as they championed a service aptly dubbed the “Econet ConnectedCar” 

Though there was rigorous mass campaign on the new service for the uptake, it was faced with little noise on the uptake as  the visibility of the product is still faint in the  circles of car tracking and diagnosis, leading one to think that the “disconnected” Car may be riding towards the jungle.


Econet connected car is meant to make easy for owners of cars

to do a thorough health check of their cars on their own. With Econet Connected Car, the car performs regular self-diagnosis and reports to its owner. This is under what Econet Services calls the personal vehicle management service, which also offers services such as geo fencing and driver habit monitoring.

By Gift Chirauro

It’s been four months now since connected car has been launched but it seems as if this extended arm of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe hasn’t managed to make progressive inroads

Compared with the obvious success of the services like Eco-Cash, Econet MasterCard, EcoSure etc making standalone noise in the market, the  ConnectedCar seems to be driving straight into the jungle.

As such, this publication was curious in knowing what ground has the product covered, how has the people managed to buy into this idea which we realized has been received with mixed feelings. However, all the efforts were fruitless as the responsible authorities refused to comment on the issue.

“Thanks very much for your enquiry on Econet ConnectedCar. We have, however, entered our closed period and we are barred by regulations from speaking in any detail, said Econet’s Corporate Communications Manager Ranga Mberi.

He added that, as always though, we will be happy to talk to you about ConnectedCar and any other issues as soon as the period is over.

Furthermore, when the product was launched there were allegations that the network provider is in  Antitrust and also violating anti-competition. Then, Econet came with a designed model to achieve or maintain monopoly power enjoying a fixed price for their coffers.

They are a service provider already with the largest GPS coverage, and now targeting their new market as  the sole shareholder and service provider, creating an impossible situation for the companies that have been offering the same service for years, while Econet is their lastmile.





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