Interstellar Tops Tech categories @ Oscars

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Interstellar bagged the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects on Sunday night and received four other nominations in Best Original Score, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing and Best Production Design as it dominates all the tech categories.

Of note is that all five nominees for the best visual effects were amongst the 16 highest grossing films in the US, cementing the importance of VFX technology in today’s movieland.


By: Gody Jokonya

The film, which features Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, has a crew of astronauts undertake the most important mission in human history, travelling beyond the galaxy to discover a new home for humanity amongst the stars.

Christopher Nolan (Inception and The Dark Knight) filmed the movie with anamorphic 35mm and IMAX photography and a theoretical physicist, Kip Thorne, was roped in an attempt to bring realism to the film.

Screenwriter Jonathan Nolan (Chris’ brother) had to study relativity at the California Institute for Technology to learn the science for the script.

Unfortunately all effort put by Christopher, cited as being technically proficient, yet emotionally sterile is still snubbed for the other major categories like Best Director. Certainly it is time he deserved more recognition.

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