Its Now 16cents to Call, Econet Yet to Implement

Exactly one month ago, We reported that Potraz had instructed a mobile tariff slash from 23 cents to 15 cents for local calls and 16cents for across all networks a move which initially  Econet resisted taking Potraz to the courts, and this move is effective today 1 January 2015.

Telecel and Netone have already implemented the new prices according to some tests we have done while Econet is yet to implement the new tariffs, atleast by the time we wrote this article, the new tariff were not yet effective.

However Econet has alredy posted on their official social media platforms that there shall be some price cuts with this following tweet.

econet tweet


according to Potraz, they said The tariff will see another adjustment to 12 cents per minute in 2015 and 9 cents per minute in 2016, while interconnect rate will be further adjusted from the current seven cents to five cents by December 2014, to a four cents in 2015 and ultimately three cents by 2016.

Supporting their move and strategy, Potraz said that the move is a win –win situation for both the subscribers and mobile network operators as subscribers will only be billed for what they have exactly consumed.

The regulator says that they have dropped the international  COSITU pricing framework they have been using for years, in favor of the Long Run incremental Cost LRIC,  a model which is determined by the market forces

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