Makandiwa`s Prophesy, China under Nuclear attack! 

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa recently prophesied  on an imminent biological weapon attack against the nation of China saying this world tragic will be worse than the September 11 attack.

Speaking to thousands during last Sunday service, the Prophet said that the worst attack on land spearheaded by terrorists will come upon China and the attack will be chaotic threatening world peace as the terrorists will move from China to America and will stop at nothing to even move against other countries.

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By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Prophet Makandiwa said,

“Lets pray for the nation of china

I know we have many of our brothers and sisters there and it may seem like an ordinary request.

I know there are issues of terrorism but we need to pray

This is serious, we need to pray,

If i have seen the place i would have told you.

But to them  it shall be a harvest against the enemy

We need to pray for China

Do not compare it to anything,

Do not even compare it to September 11

So if that is to happen, my question is who is safe now

These things are going to continue happening

It will get into China then back to the US

Lets pray

There is a place somewhere where they are working on a nuclear

Its not just an explosion, but contamination of the atmosphere, its catastrophic, chaotic, it will take days to gather the bodies…

We need to pray against this.

Whatever happens ….it will not end there

It will stop at nothing, only prayer can save us now

Only those who are prayerful are the safest people!

Find yourself in a boat where there is Jesus!

Lets pray for this nation!”


However he said, it will only take prayer to save China from this attack and only God will save them from this brutal attack.

“The good news is that the  prophecy, is conditional, if we all pray against this attack, God will save China and the world from the attack, instead of talking, the instructions say lets pray to alter the results,” said one of the church elders.

Prophet Makandiwa previously  prophesied on “tears on the snow,” where he prophesied the death of Margaret Thatcher way before she breathed her last.

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