Farewell Hon Webster Shamu


Its exactly 1 year 3 months since we received our new ICT Minister, and a new cap on the ministry as it came with Postal and Courier services, sadly Honourable Webster Shamu, will no longer carry the ICT and postal Courier  Services Minister title.

Before we say farewell to him, it would be prudent to note what the man behind the ministry has actually done and also understand how he has failed or ferried the same ministry that headed.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

After the recent announcement by his Zanu PF party, few days ago, Webster Shamu will effectively seize to be our dear ICT minister and we await a new minister to be announced, making the incoming  incumbent minister the third head, only in  a space of three years since Nelson  Chamisa left.

Obviously this is  bad news for the sector, its bad news for the ministry, inasmuch as its bad news for  the country tagged under one of the world`s fastest developing ICT country.

The ministry will be partially crippled, policy issues will be greatly affected to stir direction and also even after announcing the new minister the ministry will freeze as they go for “retreats and familiarisation process” which will likely sink us into the early months of 2015.

We will need to look into the works of the outgoing minister in details in as much as he has managed to drive the  ministry and how he has failed it too during his tenure.

Hon Webster Shamu1

If you may have anything intersting to add to our upcoming list, please let us know under the comments section, the good , the bad and the ugly.

Interestingly, we may throw new names and try to guess the new incoming ICT minister will be.

By the way, he was using a tablet during the ICT achievers awards few weeks ago!



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