Press Release: Econet Launches the Econet Connected Car.


Speaking at the launch event, the CEO of Econet Services International, Darlington Mandivenga, said that after spending years connecting people, the company is now shifting attention to connecting all aspects of people’s lifestyles, starting with their cars.

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“This is the first from a very wide range of products that will offer our customers what we call connected lifestyles by ensuring that everything is connected”, Mandivenga said.


“This is going to be big, very big,” he said. Through the range of connected lifestyles products, Mandivenga said Econet Services is offering customers an unparalleled, personal, intuitive, effortless, personal and instant ability to remote control, monitor, manage, protect and maintain their various assets.


Speaking at the same event, Dorothy Zimuto, the COO for Econet Connected Car, said that the company will ensure that most of the over 1.2million cars in Zimbabwe will be connected within a few months.


“We have invested in the necessary infrastructure to deliver this service efficiently with over 100 installers specifically trained for the Econet Connected Car, ready to offer unparalleled installation turnaround time”, Zimuto said.


With a once off installation fee of $100 per car and only $20 monthly service fee, the Econet Connected Car is bound to disrupt the vehicle management solutions industry in the same way that EcoCash did to financial services.


The Econet Connected Car takes fleet management services to another level with very unique value added services such as the Connected Car Mobile Application which can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple store. With Econet Connected Car, the car performs regular self-diagnosis and reports to its owner. This is under what Econet Services calls the personal vehicle management service, which also offers services such as geo fencing and driver habit monitoring.


Mrs Zimuto said that the service is available at any Econet a shop and the many authorised Econet Connected Car  dealers across the country, as well as from the Connected Car Crew.

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