Apple Revealed Its First Gold iPhone, Samsung Imitates On New Galaxy S4

Samsung has shown today how it can be both a trail-blazer for new form gadget factors, and (it seems) a fast-follower of other popular innovations.

Roughly two weeks after Apple revealed its first gold-finished iPhone 5S, Samsung has announced a gold-colored version of its flagship Galaxy S4, aimed at wealthy customers in the United Arab Emirates. Luxury smartphone maker Vertu, which finishes its smartphones with real-gold, diamonds and other jewels, makes many of its own sales in this part of the world. Samsung released photos of the new phones on Twitter and Facebook, one in “gold brown” and another in “gold pink.”

It’s unclear if the phones will be made available for customers in other parts of the world, but the timing certainly makes it seem as though Samsung was aware of rumors that a gold iPhone was coming in the weeks up to the launch of the 5S, and employed its knack for lightening-fast execution to create something along similar lines.

Apple saw strong demand in its first weekend of the 5S sales, and many reports indicated that the gold version of the new iPhone was the most popular among customers.

One area where Samsung seems to be blazing its own path, however, is in flexible form factors. Samsung has been working on flexible screens for some time under its Youm brand, and a report in Reuters today says Samsung will release a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October. The move was announced by Samsung’s head of strategic marketing, D.J. Lee, at event launching the new Galaxy Note 3 in Seoul, South Korea. The device would have “a curved display,” he said.

It’s unclear what the device will look like, though Samsung has said in the past that it was looking into creating smartphones that were curved to fit the shape of the face when held up to the ear.

You can watch a video of Samsung demonstrate concept designs for flexible screens under its Youm brand at CES in January 2013:

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