Zim Companies Take Facebook and Twitter seriously

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By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
Interestingly, few years back, Facebook and twitter was a thing for the “immature”, not even appreciated as a communication platform but a place where the youths “waste” their time online.

I remember in 2008, at the peak of our hyper inflationary environment, I struggled to even let my colleagues of the same age group register on the platform as it was just way off from the necessary bread and butter issues.

Of course back then I enjoyed the Facebook games more than anything else.

I’m not sure if financial stability directly made an impact to the social network boom in Zimbabwe at the height of highest mobile penetration and encouraging internet penetration too.

Today almost every company now has a social network page and some are already taking serious steps of outsourcing this service.

The future is now on social networks as billions are spending their time online more than anywhere else.

The fish has changed the dam and it takes informed and updated fisherman to quickly move on to the next pond where the fish like to play for a big catch.

Even companies like Nissan Clover which seem to be way off from the communication industry seem to be fully aware of this fact. We found this advert on their car very interesting and quickly took a picture.

This is the way to go to find your organisation relevant in this information age, social network is not a playground anymore but an opportunity for serious marketing and engaging.

Many more other companies are taking the same step in Zimbabwe, lets share your views

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