“ZOL now back online”-2 hrs after a hack

Just under a few weeks after ZOL was reported  to have been hacked, It appears the technical guys have worked flat out on the issue.

Zol back


The attack is one of  the currently rampant CMS attacks that has taken down most websites not only in Zimbabwe but world wide.

We were just impressed by the quick tune up the team did to their website although its also a cause of concern when most websites are hit only to get attention after an attack.

Needless to say the reactionary time will always differ from web admins as they fight back to be online

Recently i reported the same attacks on HerZimbabwe and Zimbojam some two local websites on women issue and entertainment respectively, and a quick check up showed that these two are still down or still smarting from the Holiday breaks.

The message is still the same almost a week later. We will keep you posted!


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