Econet Unleashes Unlimited Dollar Per Day Promo


Finally Econet gives away! these guys do not easily give away, infact they dont, but it looks like santa has finally got a gift from their warehouse and we are overly impressed, even for a day promo its worth the noise and this one although over a short period too, deserves the thunderclap.

but not too fast remember always when econet gives,they surely TAKE!

By Marshal Saonga

Econet has released a thrilling promotion for all their users, there is no more expensive voice calls for Zimbabwe`s most subscribed and most expensive mobile network operating company in the country. Econet has unleashed an unlimited voice call promotion for just a dollar per day.

All the Econet Subscribers can call their contacts for as little as $1 per day, messages have been sent to Econet subscribers about this promotion, personally competitively I think it’s an ice breaker that we have been waiting for from Econet.
Econet has been sending this message:
“Subscribe with $1 and enjoy unlimited voice calls to Econet numbers until midnight.SMS the word subscribe to 377.Fair Usage Policy applies.Offer ends 16/08/14”

Ofcourse few people are supposed to know about this promo since you really need to do something else to activate the the unlimited calls, this is a well known trick by mobile network operators, even when they want to give away, they select just a few for record sake.

so if you don’t subscribe, then you are not eligible, another catch here is if you dont have credit to send a text message, then you also cant subscribe to the promo so Econet is just not giving away, most likely its making you pay 8 cents for a text message first, then you can enjoy.

ironically , Econet ussually uses USSds for promotion which are basically free, why did they choose that this time you should send a message,well its clear now:


The not so good news is that the promotion is only limited to Econet subscribers, so for the 9 million subscribers this is big news while if you are not using an Econet line the promotion doesn’t work, this is also the same case with other competitors like Netone and Telecel.

The promotion will also expire on the 16th of August 2014 which makes it a 8 day promotion for Econet subscribers. Lets hope these kinds of promotions will overflow on Econets budget.

Onwell Matienga

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