ICT Gen Offers Websites at $20

A startup group called ICT Generation in Zimbabwe has launched a wholesale service for the local and international market. We all have heard about tech start-ups and larger companies that specialize in application making, coding and web designs. This time we have a more affordable and diverse organization offering such a service in the country under one roof.

By Marshal Saonga

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Speaking during a press briefing, the ICT  Generation president Mr Nigel Sheima Muguza quoted “ICT generation aims for a good base of creative minds building new things in ever evolving generations, thus the name ICT Generation”. With a passion for seeing technology usage growth in Zimbabwe The ICT president stated that “even Dell can come out of a garage in Mubvuku or Mkoba”

ICT Generations is offering dynamic website designing for as low as $20 website fee (with your requested standards). The services that are being offered by ICT generations are not new as per say but the pricing makes it unbeatable and very much affordable for those who need to put their organisation on the World Wide Web.

ICT generation is also working on Web Administration shot courses for those who wish to learn how to do their website administration on their own.

ICT Generation Chairman stated that the organization seeks to increase the ICT consumption levels by embarking on several projects targeting various sectors of the economy including Education, Health, SME’s and youth associations.

Driven by the ZimAsset manifesto ICT Generation is looking forward to Digitalize 80% of Zimbabwean textbooks i.e. students will be able to read most of their textbooks on PC’s and phone tablets.

The Tech start up is a self-funded project with young energetic youths who are trying to make a change and they have embarked on projects with Zimbabwe Youth in Tourism and Consumer Council of Zimbabwe just to name a few.

From the looks of it, I think it’s a great platform for techies to take advantage of the service being offered by ICT Generation. For more info ICT Gen has set up a website www.ictgen.co.zw to fully inform their stakeholders.


Top amongst the question that comes to most experts in the industry is that are these websites good enough to sell the brand Zimbabwe to both the local and international community.

The obvious temptation is to limit customers to template based designs and customise them, limiting the actual skill of web development and creativity.

However they have said that they can make the websites to the requirements of the client and we continuously watch and update you on the prospect of this startup.

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